CHAPTER 1                            LESSON 1




“How Well Can You Listen?”


When you tell or write a story always put the sentences in order.


Read the sentences below.


A fish jumped from the water.

It could not get back to the water.

A turtle pushed it into the water.

The turtle saved the fish.


The sentences above tell a story. They tell how a turtle saved a fish. The sentences are written in an order that makes sense.


A. Listen to the story your parent reads.


The Fox and the Stork

A fox and a stork were good friends. One day the fox decided to play a joke on the stork. He invited the stork to share dinner with him. The stork agreed happily. When the stork arrived however, the fox placed a very shallow dish of soup between them. The fox could easily eat the soup, but the stork's bill was too long to taste any of it. So the stork was just as hungry after dinner as before dinner. The fox, seeing his guest ate none of the soup, apologized, saying he was sorry the soup was not to the stork's liking. The stork said nothing about this however, but asked the fox to come by and visit her tomorrow for dinner. The fox happily agreed.

The fox arrived that next day very hungry. He found however that the dinner was contained in a very long-necked jar, in which the stork easily thrust her; long bill. All the fox could do was lick the outside of the jar. 

After dinner, the fox excused himself, and went away thinking how the stork had turned his own joke against him.


Write the six sentences from the story in the correct order.

The fox could not eat dinner.

The stork invited the fox to dinner.

Dinner was served in a flat dish.

The stork could not eat dinner.

The fox invited the stork to dinner.

Dinner was served in a long-necked dish.



B. Can you tell a story you know? Remember to tell the story in the order in which things happened.