CHAPTER 6                            LESSON 15


In this lesson we will examine the Underground Railroad.  Examine the maps below and then finish the remainder of the lesson.





The underground railroad was a network of escape routes used by American slaves during the mid

1800's. It led from the slave states–shown in dark gray–to the free states and Canada.


This map is based on Harriet Tubman's actual journeys.  Using modern roads, the trip would be 560 miles long!.

A strong, lucky runaway might have made it to freedom in two months. For others, especially in bad weather, the trek might have lasted a year.




Click onto a web site about the Underground Railroad from the National Geographic.  Click on the icon for Enter.  Once you have entered the site, read the information about slavery and then click "Yes" for the trip that took slaves to freedom.


Then when you have finished, answer the questions at the bottom of this lesson and submit.


Click here for the site.



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Be complete in your answers

1. List and describe the stops along the Underground Railroad.  Be sure to include the dangers that were associated with it as well. 



2.  Who was Harriet Tubman?



3.  Who was Frederick Douglass?



4.  Who was Thomas Garrett?



5.  Who was William Still?



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