CHAPTER 2                                       LESSON 1

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Study these words to enhance your learning success in this section.

created. Brought into existence from nothing.

evolve. To develop gradually into a new form.

origin. Beginning; source.

soul. Man's moral and emotional nature.

voluntarily. To do something of one's own free will.



BIBLE Read Genesis 1:27 through 31 and Chapter 2.



The source of man is God. The method by which man was made was Creation.


The source of man.

The Bible explains the origin, or source, of mankind as being a direct result of a special act of God. Genesis 1:1 tells us that “In the beginning God created. . .”   This statement clearly shows that mankind had its beginning in God. We did not evolve as many scientists use the term; rather, we were created. God created man from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7).


The method of Creation.

Man's body was made from dust, yet he was not complete. Next, God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and then man became a living soul. God created the first man from the elements of earth (Genesis 2:7). Then God gave man his spirit, which made him a complete creation. Thus, God created the total man to enjoy fellowship with Him.




1.  The first record of man's creation is found in the Bible book called ________________ .
2.  To make something from nothing is called _____________________.

3.  The first part of man that was made was his _________________ then his spirit was given.

4.  To change slowly from one thing into another means to  ________________________.

5.  Man was created from the ________________ of the earth.


6.  The part of man first created was the _____________

a. spirit                       b. soul                         c.  body

7.  The word origin means ______________

a. beginning               b. evolve                     c.  soul


8.  The record of man's creation is found in  __________________.
a. Exodus 1                b. Genesis 2


9.  How was man created? Explain in detail the process.


10.  What is the basic difference between making something and creating something?