CHAPTER 1                            LESSON 1








Before you begin, please read the Course Introduction



Now let’s begin.  Make sure you have a stop watch for the timed drills.  Before we begin typing, let’s go over a few things first-.

 In your book, in the introduction, page xv—READ the section dealing with “Your Posture.”  Read it carefully

because you will be graded upon your posture in the Proper Technique Evaluation form. 


Read page 2 completely.











A S D F and J K L ; have a special name. They're called the home keys. Why? Because in touch keyboarding, you always start from these keys, and you always return to them. That way your fingers never lose their place--and neither do you.








An anchor is a home key position that will help you bring each finger back to its home key position.



Now look at page 3. 

Now practice using the space bar with the right or left thumb in the space provided.



Continue on page 3, practice using the enter/return key




Check your position at the keyboard.

Don't let your hands get lazy.





Now on the bottom of page 3, E-Stroking Practice.

Practice the F and J and space strokes in the drill.  Each line one time.  After completing a set of lines, return (hit the Enter key) twice.




Now work on the F and J Keys.  Each line once.




Page 4.  The D and  K keys.  Each line once.




The S and L keys.  Each line once.




The A and ; (semi-colon) keys.  Each line once.



Now let’s see how you do for a 1 minute timed drill.  This drill is only practice.  You will need a stop watch and set it for a 1 minute.


Bottom of page 4, Pre-test.  Lines 11 – 12.  Remember, keep your eyes on the copy.




How did you do?


Now for the rest of the lesson.   These last two sections, you will submit when you are finished.





Student’s First & Last Name:


Page 5.  Practice L.  Lines 13 – 24 once.





The final drill.  Lines 25 – 26 for 1 minute.




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