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Part 1.

Look up the words above in your dictionary. Note that many of them have more than one meaning. When you think that you know all the meanings of all the words, go on to the following exercises.


Part 2.

From the four choices following each phrase or sentence, in your vocabulary notebook, you are to put the letter preceding the one that is closest in meaning to the italicized word. Where the same word appears more than once, you should note that it is being used in different senses.


1. aqueous deposits

(a) made by wind (b) made by water (c) made by volcanic eruption (d) made by decayed vegetable matter


2. a chaste person

(a) naturally shy (b) morally pure (c) highly intelligent (d) totally unpredictable


3. a chaste design

(a) expensively executed (b) heavily ornate (c) severely plain (d) highly unusual


4. to demoralize them

(a) put new heart into (b) reduce the number of (c) weaken the spirit of (d) reduce the strength of


5. to favor euthanasia

(a) the abolition of all laws (b) killing as an act of mercy (c) selective breeding to improve the race (d) the belief that all
 religions are essentially the same



   6. extenuating factors

(a) that tend to unite (b) that make something seem less serious (c) that make something seem more complicated (d) that
tend to divide


   7. a gala occasion

    (a) festive (b) mournful (c) memorable (d) formal


   8. a gregarious person

(a) enjoying solitude (b) enjoying the company o f others (c) disinclined to speak (d) talkative


    9. inclement weather

(a) sunny (b) stormy (c) changeable (d) unvarying


   10. an inclement act

       (a) thoughtful (b) unkind (unlawful) (d) just


11. maladroit handling

(a) clumsy (b) skillful (c) delicate (d) using one hand only


12. surrounded by mendicants

(a) flatterers (b) beggars (c) insects (d) enemies


13. to admire the panorama

(a) display of pictures (b) parade of animals (c) staged reenactment of an historical event (d) comprehensive view


14. to quadruple something

(a) call into question (b) strongly emphasize (c) reduce to one fourth (d) increase fourfold


15. replete with learned references

(a) satisfied (b) filled (c) bored (d) concerned


16. a spectral figure

(a) substantial (b) ghostly (c) commanding (d) slight


17. a period of transition

(a) change (b) uncertainty (c) stability (d) unrest


18. to set up a triumvirate

(a) ruling body of three (b) welcome for a returning hero (c) law that must be renewed every three years (d) defensive



Check your answers against the correct ones given below. The answers are not in order; this is to prevent your eye from catching sight of the correct answers before you have had a chance to do the exercise on your own.


                8b. 12b. 16b. 3c. 2b. 7a. 13d. 10b. 14d. 18a. 1b. 5b. 17a. 6b. 11a. 9b. 15b. 4c.


Look up in your dictionary all the words for which you gave incorrect answers. Only when you have done this should you go on to the next exercise.


Part 3.


This exercise combines synonyms and antonyms. You are to write the word in your notebook which is either most similar in meaning or most nearly opposite in meaning to the CAPITALIZED word. Write in your notebook only one word for each question after deciding that it is either an antonym or a synonym and write A (for antonym) or S (for synonym) after the capitalized word. Allow only ten minutes for this test. If you cannot answer a question, go on to the next one without delay. If you have time left over at the end, go back and try to finish the unanswered questions.


18 or over correct: excellent

14 to 17 correct: good

13 or under correct : thorough review of A exercises indicated


1.  HARMFUL ____

     chaste  palliative  spectral 

                      inclement   salutary


2. IMPARTIAL _____

    extenuating  disinterested  forte 

                       taciturn  insidious


3. HEARTEN  _____
    demoralize  cauterize  censer 

           rationalize  redoubtable


4. GHOSTLY  _____
    mausoleum  spectral  filial 

                     aqueous  inclement


5. WINDING  ______

    philistine  irrational  addled

           extenuating sinuous


6. MITIGATING  _____

   salutary  pragmatic  extenuating 

             insidious  irrational


7. TALKATIVE _____
    addled  harangue  disinterested 

                  filial  taciturn


8. BEGGAR.______
    marauder thrall censer

           mendicant progenitor


9. POLLUTE.   ______
    exhale mediate defile

         demoralize incapacitate


10. MERCIFUL _____.
      inclement disinterested chaste

             extenuating palliative


11. INSCRIBE. _____
      mediate  expunge  harangue 

                            exhale  fathom


12. IMPURE. ______
      aqueous  spectral  chaste 

                              forte  temperate


13. CONFUSED  ______
      graphic  sinuous  prodigious 

                  replete  addled


14. FESTIVE _____
     chaste  maladroit  inclement 

                  gala  wayward


15. SKILLFUL ญญญญญ_____

disinterested taciturn maladroit

                resilient philistine


16. FILLED _____       

      replete  congestion  proclivity 

                      aqueous  magnitude


17. SOLITARY ______

       taciturn  gregarious  maladroit 

                   impious  discursive


18. CHANGE ______
      anarchy  idiom  heresy 

                 transition  rebut


19. ORDER ______

anarchy  congestion  heresy 

                idiom  criterion


20. VISTA ______
       mendicant  gala  panorama 

                  minion  environs



                       CHECK ANSWERS