Please note that this test will include review words from Chapter 1 and 2.

Review these before the test.


Part 1


Look up each of the following words in a dictionary .In your notebook, write each word, its part(s) of speech, and the meaning(s) you find in the dictionary .Use this information to complete the exercises 'that follow.


21.  attain

22.  autocrat


23.  automaton


24.  badger


25.  bayou


26.  belligerent


27.  benign


28.  bewilder


29.  bilingual


30.  bisect




Part 2


Read the vocabulary words in column A. Then choose the definition from column B that best matches each word in column A  Record your answer in your vocabulary journal.




      Column A                                                                    Column B


1.  attain


2. autocrat


3. automaton


4. badger


5. bayou


6. belligerent


7. benign


8. bewilder


9. bilingual


10. bisect



(a) a robot; a person who behaves like a robot


(b) able to use two languages well; written or spoken in two languages


(c) a marshy inlet or the outlet of a river or of a lake in parts of the southern United States


(d) a ruler with unlimited power; a dictator; a domineering person


(e) not harmful; mild; good natured


(f) n. a small burrowing animal with short legs, long claws, and a thick coat; v. to pester; to nag


(g) to divide into two equal parts


(h) warlike; ready to fight


(i) to baffle; to puzzle; to confuse


(j) to gain by hard work; to achieve; to reach




Part 3


Find the word from the following list that answers each question below. Write this word in your journal.

attain                      bayou                          bilingual


automaton             benign



1. What do you do when you achieve something?


2. Which word describes a person who speaks two languages equally well?


3. What is a marshy inlet in the southern United States called ?


4. What might you call someone whose actions seem mechanical ?


5. Which word describes a mild, good-natured disposition?



Follow the directions for Part A.

Autocrat                 badger                        belligerent

bewilder                 bisect


6. Which word describes someone who always wants to fight?


7. What do you do to something when you divide it into two equal parts?


8. What is another word for a dictator?


9. Which word means "to baffle"?


10. What do you do when you nag someone?



Part 4


Each sentence below needs one of the words from the vocabulary list to complete its meaning. Find the missing word and write it in your journal.


1. Manuel, who is __________ speaks both Spanish and English.


2. Did you work very hard to __________ your goal ?


3. In the science-fiction movie, the ___________ was more efficient than  the human characters, but it had no emotions.



4. Some rivers ___________ cities, as the Danube does Budapest.



5. Despite its ____________ appearance, the camel tried to bite 'its handler.


6. This difficult crossword puzzle will ___________ all but the most advanced solvers.


7. "Weep No More My Lady" is a short story set in the swampy, isolated __________country of Louisiana.


8. The tennis player tried to ___________ the umpire into changing his call.


9.  The __________ dog chased Henry out of the yard.


10.  The _________ ran the country with an iron hand